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Grundig VS680VPT 1989 - Tape Recorder/Player see more
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Grundig VS680VPT 1989 - Tape Recorder/Player Professional digital video recorder / player, S-VHS format, with text programming and post-processing functions.

Video: Da Vinci plays Conquistador at the RTP Song Festival (1989).

In 1987, JVC launched an improved version of the VHS, the S-VHS.

The VS 680 VPT was the first S-VHS video recorder made in Germany.

In 1930, Max Grundig founds Fürth, Grundig & Wurzer (RVF), in Fürth (Germany).

Also in 1989

  • 20 of May - The Chinese authorities declare martial law in the face of pro-democracy demonstrations, setting the scene for the Tiananmen Square massacre.
  • 2 of March - Twelve European Community nations agree to ban the production of all chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) by the end of the century.
  • 25 of August - Voyager 2 spacecraft makes its closest approach to Neptune, the second to last planet in the Solar System at the time.
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