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Amália Amália da Piedade Rebordão Rodrigues was born in Lisbon at Rua Martim Vaz, on July 23, 1920, according to his birth certificate, however, the artist celebrated her birthday on July 1.

Daughter of Lucinda da Piedade Rebordão and Albertino de Jesus Rodrigues, she was raised by her grandparents.

Amália Rodrigues worked as a seamstress, embroiderer, worker in a chocolate factory and was also a fruit seller, with her sister Celeste, in the streets of Alcântara, where she moved with her grandparents when she was 19 years old.

Since she was very young she shows talent for fado and her professional debut was at Retiro da Severa in 1939, with enormous success.
Amália In 1940 Amália Rodrigues makes her debut as an actress at Teatro Maria Vitória in the play "Ora Vai Tu!".

Amalia also starred in success movies: "Capas Negras" (1946) marks the beginning of her cinematographic career; another blockbuster was Fado: History of a Cantadeira (1947).

She performances in programs at the Radio and in the portuguese national television broadcaster, RTP.

She died on October 6, 1999 and her remains were moved from the Prazeres Cemetery to the National Pantheon on July 8, 2001.
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