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Taylor 191A 1960 - Oscillator see more
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Taylor 191A 1960 - Oscillator Audio Oscillator.

5 Valves: 12AU7(x3) 6BW6 6X4
Alternating Current (AC) power supply: 115, 210, 240 Volt
Frequency Range: 10-100,000Hz. Sine or square wave with a maximum level of 0 db.

In 1939, Taylor Electrical Instruments Ltd. was founded in Dover (England).
The company manufactures precision measuring equipment: valve analysers, oscilloscopes, signal generators and trackers among others.
In 1958 Avo Ltd acquired Taylor Electrical Instruments Ltd, in 1959 Metal Industries Ltd acquired Avo Ltd.
In 1967 Thorn Electrical Industries acquired Metal Industries.

Also in 1960

  • 6 of January - National Airlines Flight 2511 is destroyed in mid-air by a bomb, while en route from New York City to Miami.
  • 25 of June - Two cryptographers working for the United States National Security Agency left for vacation to Mexico, and from there defected to the Soviet Union.
  • 24 of January - Algerian War: Some units of European volunteers in Algiers stage an insurrection known as the "barricades week", during which they seize government buildings and clash with local police.