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Quando a luz da câmara ficar vermelha ”está a gravar”.


Apresente a notícia lendo o texto no teleponto e controlando o texto com as setas do teclado.


Quando a luz vermelha apaga,
aguarde: os espectadores estão
a assistir ao vídeo da notícia.
Boa sorte!

On Air

Record your Newscast

Ready to go live?
Follow the instructions and start recording:

Authorize the webcam and microphone connection on your computer.

Select the number of news you want to present:
2 3 4 5 6

When the camera light turns red "is recording." Display the news by reading the text on the teleprompter and controlling the text with the arrow keys. When the red light goes out, wait: the spectators are watching the video of the news. The countdown indicates the time remaining to get back in the air. Good luck!

Start recording

I have read of the RTP personal data protection policy here

Virtual Studio

Your browser is incompatible with the recording feature. To record your news, download and install one of the following free browsers:

Chrome Firefox

Successful Virtual Studio Recording

Fill in the television news sheet to complete the process

Warning: The videos successfully recorded will immediately be sent for approval and exhibition at the gallery. If you want to remove your video contact us by email repeat Cancel

Uploading Video


Tivemos um problema

repeat Cancel

End of transmission

Unfortunately you failed to present the news within the prescribed time, a key skill in a pivot. But practice makes perfect. Try again with a little more pace or adjust the number of selected news to your reading speed.

repeat Cancel


Congratulations, you´re a television pivot. Your video was sent for validation and once it is approved you´ll receive a notice in the email your indicated. Can you do better? Back to recording or get inspired by other newscasts in the Gallery.

repeat See the recordings gallery